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Kyle Searcy

SEPTEMBER 7 - 8, 2023

A regularly sought-after speaker and teacher, conducting leadership summits, seminars, and conferences worldwide. He continually serves in various roles locally, at the state, national and international levels.


He also oversees 230 international churches throughout the continent of Africa — Liberia, Nigeria, and Ghana.

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Catherine Sykes

Director of Ministries

The ordained Prophet has traveled both nationally and internationally ministering prophetically, teaching, training and activating Christians into the gifts of the Holy Spirit under the covering of Life Center Ministries. She has ministered and trained Christian leaders throughout the U.S. as well as in South Africa, China, the Philippines, Canada, Israel, Bulgaria, Ukraine, England and Cuba.

In addition to her ministry responsibilities, Catherine is also an accomplished entrepreneur, starting and operating several businesses on Kingdom principles.


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Eric Etheridge
Director of Prophetic Team Training

An impactful and fervent minister who has the desire to see people healed, trained, and properly placed in their membership ministry so that they come into their full kingdom mandate. He aspires to help the body of Christ become activated and move in the Gifts of the Spirit, especially those called to the prophetic, miracles, and leadership positions.

He has taught, trained, and activated, the body of Christ nationally and internationally in the prophetic,
miracles, and evangelism. He is an ordained Prophet and an Elder at Life Center Ministries in Dunwoody
GA. He is the Director of Prophetic team training and a miracle team captain at Life Center Ministries. He
also teaches in their Prophetic School, Miracles School, and Power Evangelism School. In addition, he
has led Power evangelism ministry teams on the street to demonstrate the power and love of Christ.


Alexander Pagani
@ Alexander Pagani Ministries

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An internationally sought-after conference speaker, he takes an uncompromising approach to the Scriptures and has been involved in thousands of deliverance sessions, has prophesied to kings in Africa and has appeared on various television networks, including TBN, Daystar, The Word Network, and other television networks!


He's considered by many within Christianity, a REFORMER to our generation.


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Yolanda M. Stith
@Yolanda Stith

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SEPTEMBER 8 - 9, 2023

The Lead Pastor of the Father's House of Baltimore. She has been sent to articulate God’s truths and to raise servant leaders in ministry in the 7 spheres of influence. Through her creativity and insightful approach, she has gracefully taken a bold step into the media, arts, and entertainment sphere.


You will note with Apostle Stith, that worship, prayer, and obedience are KEYS to advancement, of any kind.

Don Wales
CEO of The Life Center

After a successful career working with high-net-worth clients, he retired from wealth management. He possesses an extensive and practical knowledge of money that he passionately shares with others.

Don has planted churches, started businesses, and is a United States Air Force veteran who served in Desert Storm. He functions successfully in both business and church and enjoys working with entrepreneurs as well as teaching from his substantial knowledge of Greek and Hebrew.

He received a Bachelor's degree from Oral Roberts University and his Master's from the University of Georgia. He is a consummate learner and enjoys reading and studying new subjects. His greatest passion is seeing people elevate their lives toward the God-given potential that everyone possesses.

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Patricia Fraley
Director of Prophetic Training

A passionate teacher in activating the saints to boldly operate with integrity, in their spiritual gifting and calling in all areas of their daily lives. She emphasizes understanding the authority and power given the saints by the Holy Spirit and the character required of a true prophetic people. She has taught, trained and ministered for over 35 years nationally and internationally and has a heart for the Body of Christ to operate in unity while demonstrating an undeniable  Kingdom influence.

She teaches trains within the introductory and advanced
schools for prophetic training at Life Center Ministries while continuing to provide workshops and prophetic teaching to churches at large and at conferences and other prophetic events.


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